Milan Lab

The importance of the project related to young player is in the will, by our Academy, to train footballers and men, boys in developing both the technical components is the moral. The MilanLab program is dedicated to the preparation and the physical development of children, taking care of their growth and monitoring it through periodic tests that provide us with information relating to their welfare and their motor development

Our training program has different activities:

  • The first one for children between 4 and 12 – The method is focused on the coordination skills and basic motor patterns.
  • The second one for boys between 13 and 16. We’re going to focus on the conditional capacities (like strength, stamina and speed) The coordination skills are important also in the second phase, organizing stimulating exercises for their age.

The tests that we develop are divided into two phases. In the first phase we evaluate the anthropometric measures to monitor the growth of the child. The second phase is about the field tests for monitoring the conditional capacity and coordination skills

These tests will be performed in two moments, at the beginning and at the end of the season